Pupils being dropped off by car – Important Notice

If you drop your child off by car in the morning, please be advised that you cannot come onto the academy site to do this. The Gatehouse has been asked to refuse you entry as it causes congestion and, more importantly, puts the other children who are coming into the academy on foot, in danger.
Thank you .
Chris Smith
Pastoral Manager
Shire Oak Academy

The Thomas Project

We have been asked by a recently set up group called The Thomas Project to take part in a recycling project to help local families. They take in donated uniform from various sources and re-sell it for £1 an item, thus giving a much needed resource in the local community of low cost uniform. All profits made go to the Thomas Project which is a community hub and foodbank. If you have any uniform that your child has outgrown and wouldn’t mind donating it to this worthy cause, we are more than happy to act as a collection point. Thank you.

Leo Wright - Poster
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