In April our academy suffered a tragic loss when Jack Garrington, one of our Year 7 students, was killed in a road accident on his way home from school.  The inquest into Jack’s death was heard recently and it was reported in some local newspapers.  The wording of those reports intimated that this accident happened because Jack was responding to a call from another pupil.  THIS WAS NOT THE CASE.  I have spoken to the coroner’s office and it has been confirmed that the student in question was totally blameless.  We shall be contacting the newspapers in question to seek a retraction of the very unfortunate wording which has caused further massive upset for the student and family concerned.

G Crowther

First World War Centenary

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War.

The First World War was a turning point in world history. It claimed the lives of over 16 million people, involved over 100 countries from Africa, America, Asia, Australasia and Europe and had an impact on the lives of everyone in every town and village in our country.

One hundred years later, we are all connected to the First World War, either through our own family history or because of the way it changed the history of our communities.

Shire Oak Academy will be commemorating and remembering the lives of those who lived, fought and died in the First World War. There will be a series of events throughout November that will enable pupils, parents and the local community to participate. In the meantime, the events of the First World War, in real time, can be followed through the Twitter feed starting on the 28th June, exactly 100 years after the event that sparked the war. Throughout the four years, events will be updated as they had happened.

View the real time twitter feed here:

Food for Life Partnership


We are trying to transform the food culture at Shire Oak Academy and your views will help us implement effective changes.

To accomplish this, we ask that you take the time to complete the appropriate questionnaire listed below.

Your opinion matters.


Design and Technology Questionnaire

Dear Parent/Carer.

The Design and Technology department at Shire Oak Academy is passionate about each student’s progress and enjoyment of the subject. We like to make sure we are providing the necessary skills and knowledge for them to reach their full potential at the academy. Therefore, I would like to ask you to complete a brief questionnaire highlighting your opinion about Design and Technology and if there are any improvements we could make.

You can access the questionnaire using the link below.

Thank you for your support.


Thursday 13th March saw the third annual G-Olympic Games take place at the academy whereby 7 local partner primary schools took part. Pupils took part in a quiz spanning 5 rounds, questions were both sporting and geographical in nature and pupils from years 5 and 6 performed extremely well in what turned out to be a fiercely competitive and closely matched competition. The final ‘Quick fire’ round saw Leighswood Primary propel themselves up the leader board from fourth to first place during the final question making for a very dramatic final. The Games were fantastic fun and enjoyed by all.  The Geography Department would like to thank staff, students and parents of all the local primary schools who were involved and also Mr. Spence for delivering the much anticipated awards ceremony at the end of the games.

The results table is as follows:

School Name     Number Of Points

Leighswood Primary       75

St. Michaels Primary       74

Castlefort Primary           73

Pelsall Village Primary    72

Holy Trinity Primary         64

St. Johns Primary             58

Ryders Hayes Primary    56



Cashless Catering

Cashless catering

Why? The benefits

  • Reduces need for cash in the academy so cash cannot be lost or stolen.
  • Shorter queues.
  • Quicker meal service.
  • Removes free school meal stigma.
  • Easier for parents – pay online using ‘parentpay’.
  • Parents can see/have access to how their children are spending money and this encourages better eating habits.

How do you get an account?

  • Sign an ‘opt in’ form (signed by parent) to allow the finger scan to take place.
  • If parent does not want a finger scan, then a swipe card may be requested (but, if lost, it will cost £5.00 for a replacement.
  • Register the account at the catering department or finance office.

How do you put money on the account?

  • Parents can pay online using ‘parentpay’.
  • Parents can pay at local shops displaying ‘paypoint’ sign.
  • Parents can send cheques payable to ‘Shire Oak Academy’ and hand in to the catering manager before 12.00 each day.
  • Students can top up accounts by putting cash into revaluation machines, situated in North and South Buildings. These are open from 8.30 each morning.

How do free school meals students get their meals?

  • Free school meal (FSM) students have an allowance of £2.10 each dinnertime added to the account.  If not used then it is deducted NOT carried over.
  • If FSM pupils wish to top up their accounts to buy ‘extras’, then they may do so, the same as all other pupils.
  • The system will always take the FSM allowance first before your own money.
  • FSM pupils to go to main hatch.  This is the only service point that offers a full balanced meal.

How does it work?

  • Pays for breakfast, dinner and snacks.
  • Go to normal service counter.
  • Be finger scanned or swipe card.
  • Your personal account comes up.
  • Staff deduct amount you have had.
  • You are told your remaining balance.
  • Remember parents can gain access and can find out ‘what you have had for lunch!’


Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to see or contact Mrs Julia O’Neill 

Year 10 Geography visit to Birmingham

This week, our year 10 geographers undertook fieldwork in Birmingham city centre. The aim was to understand how a MDC’s city has redeveloped, a necessity caused by urbanisation. The year 10 geographers behaved impeccably and showed true enthusiasm and understanding for what was happening in Birmingham. The students firstly went on a canal boat tour of the old industrial heart of Birmingham; this was in order to see the transformation the CBD has undergone in more recent times; they were then able to compare this to the inner city and its lack of investment and development. After that, pupils studied the areas of: Brindley Place, The ICC, The Mailbox and The Cube,finally visiting Birmingham’s new library. All students gave positive feedback to how the library had improved the overall environment in this part of Birmingham and we were impressed, once again, with their mature approach to their fieldwork.

Geography Students - Birmingham