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Miss J Davies

Head Of Biology

Subject Overview

Our KS3 Science Curriculum follows the AQA 5 year programme. It  is designed to cover the national curriculum and help your students gain knowledge of the key scientific concepts they need to progress to KS4. We have purchased and are following the kerboodle package which is designed to follow the AQA specification. 

Our KS4 Science Curriculum also follows the AQA syllabus. Therefore, we use  a 5 year SOW supplied by Kerboodle but we have modified it to suit our pupils and equipment.  

Trilogy is our double award and worth two GCSEs. It is assessed by six, 1 hour and 15 minute exams.

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics, 3 GCSEs, It is assessed by six, 1 hour and 45 minute exams.

Our GCSE curriculum is designed to ensure the pupils gain a broad understanding of science that will enable them to function in modern society and also prepare them for post 16 education.

A level courses -Biology, Chemistry, Physics. We follow the OCR Syllabus for the 3 A level course. 

The intent of our KS5 curriculum is to ensure the pupils have the skills needed for university, apprenticeships or employment.